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We take pride in offering outstanding service and treatment to all our patients.

Feedback: We hope all our patients will be delighted with or service. But if you think we've fallen short of your expectations please tell us straightaway.

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Welcome to Bellevue Dental - a private dental practise. We have a very gentle approach and do all we can to make your visit relaxed and comfortable.

Our dental surgery in South London offers a wide range of cosmetic dental treatments from teeth whitening and veneers to full reconstructions, as well as all the normal treatments you would expect from your dentist.

Bellevue Dental also specialises in complex cases. We are a centre for the placement of dental impants and restorations. The practice owner, Dr. Leigh Hunt, is one of London's leading cosmetic dentists.


Please call 0208 673 9995 to make an appointment between these times:

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How to find us

We’re conveniently located right next to Wandsworth Common mainline station, and a just few minutes walk from Wandsworth Common itself at:

7 Jaggard Way, Wandsworth Common, London SW12 8SG location map

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to SW12 8SG
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11 mins walk
Tooting Beck
15 mins walk
Wandsworth Common
1 mins walk
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Wandsworth Common station: On arrival exit the station on the east side, turn left outside and Bellevue Dental is the first red brick building 30 yards on the left.

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Bus maps and routes
Bus routes that go nearby include G1, 319, 690 and 219.

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Treating children

Dr Leigh Hunt is especially skilled in treating children and many come to Bellevue Dental from local schools for this reason. He makes sure that visits to the dentist are happy and stress free - laying the foundations for a positive, lifelong dental experience.

We also have plenty of things to keep children amused while they are waiting, including toys and games, a PlayStation and a wide selection of junior DVDs. Plus there is large tropical fish tank in
Dr Hunt's surgery that everyone enjoys.

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Nervous patients

Many people are nervous about going to the dentist. (Official figures estimate over 5 million people are affected.) But with modern techniques and our gentle approach your treatments should be comfortable and pain free. We do everything we can to help you relax and put you at ease, and we encourage you to tell us about any apprehensions you might have so that we can help to allay your fears.

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Oral health

Helping you to look after your teeth, gums and mouth is a very important part of our service. The more you can do on a regular basis yourself, the less dental treatment you will need in the future.

We are fortunate to have Yukari Shirley as our dental hygienist. Yukari is very experienced and one of only a handful of US trained Hygienists in London. Yukari will be delighted to help devise an individual programme for you.

You can find out more about oral health by visiting our
Dental health tips page.

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As well as personal care and expert dentistry, the latest technology is a vital ingredient in the service we offer. It enables us to perform more complex procedures with greater accuracy and achieve the highest quality results. For example:

Velopex Laser

This is a multi-purpose device that whitens teeth and helps us treat sore gums more gently.


This is a computerised bite analysis instrument. Teeth don't always fit together properly, which can cause bite problems that result in discomfort, uneven wear or pressure on teeth, jaw pain and headaches. Tekscan enables us to be very precise when measuring and adjusting your bite. Its computer-generated images show the extent of the mis-match and predict the results of your corrective treatment.

Diagnostic images

Our top of the range Kodak 8000 panoramic imaging system allows us to capture crystal-clear digital images of your teeth and jaws on our computers. Results are immediate, so we can make accurate diagnoses on-the-spot and communicate treatment options to you more effectively.


A robust sterilisation protocol ensures everything we use including treatment suites, equipment and instruments are completely sterile and hygienic. Our hi-tech autoclave sterilises equipment at very high temperatures to prevent cross-contamination.

Dental Laboratory services

For smile reconstruction and advanced dental procedures, we use only the very best laboratories, located mainly in the USA. The American cosmetic dental industry is widely accepted to be the most advanced in the world, and leads the way in developing new materials to obtain unbelievably natural results.

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